Located in Chicago, IL, a food packaging manufacturing company was looking to lower their workers compensation claims. They turned to CompCorePro (CCP) to help them save on their workers compensation injury costs.

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    Challenge #1

    Providers ordered unnecessary treatments and office follow-up visits.

    Challenge #2

    Patients sought treatment elsewhere due to delays on referral approvals or obtaining attorneys.

    Challenge #3

    Delays in coordinating and approving referrals.

    What They're Saying

    “CCP was engaged by our company in 2017. Comparatively, in 2015 and 2016, we had a similar number of claims. In 2017, our claims costs were significantly lower. We will now be eligible for a large premium refund due to workers comp loss experience.”


    • Solution #1 - CCP monitored the patient’s care to prevent unnecessary office visits and excessive treatment.
    • Solution #2 - CCP worked directly with the adjusters to obtain referral approvals. This eliminated delays, reducing the likelihood of patients being treated elsewhere or retaining attorneys.
    • Solution #3 - CCP coordinated referrals within 24 to 48 hours.

    The Results

    CCP helped this client save both money and time by closely monitoring their claims and making sure the appropriate treatment was being ordered and scheduled in a timely manner.

    When an employee is injured at work, CompCorePro strives to achieve the best possible outcome. We efficiently review and handle the workers compensation claim so the employee can return to work faster and save your company money. Our cost-effective process enables our experienced clinicians to analyze claims, determine appropriate medical treatment, using our proprietary medical algorithms. The result? Success for your self-insured business.

    Our leading priority at CompCorePro is to effectively close claims and reduce workers compensation cost to the employer. The companies we serve have saved a significant amount of money, thanks to our team of clinical professionals and specialized medical algorithms.

    With the help of CompCorePro, one of our clients was able to bring the incurred costs down to $285,447 from 24 claims by 2016.

    Another client was facing high rates of litigated claims.With CompCorePro on their side, only 7% of claims were litigated in 2015, and 5% were litigated in 2016.

    Our medical clinicians connect with workers compensation claims adjusters to save your company from overspending on medical expenses — decreasing your total incurred costs and number of litigated claims.

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